chestnut Chestnut trees are one of the earliest fruit trees. The cultivation in China has a history of approximately 2,000 to 3,000 years. Hebei, Shandong, Shan'xi, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces are main chestnut produce areas. Chinese chestnut varieties can be divided into north and south Li two categories: Northern Li nuts small, waxy flesh, suitable for fried, well-known species-Ming Li, Li spire oil. Chestnut does well to stomach and is healthy for spleen,restorative for nephridium and tone up tendon. Putting the pounding fresh chestnut on affected part, can cureinjuries from falls, bonesand muscles' gall, absorb abscess; High starchiness content can provide high quantityof heat, potass is good to maintainnormal rule of heartbeat, fibrin is good to intestines, can hold the working foregest up to snuff. Containing big quantity amylum, protein, fat, B family vitamin and so on manifold nutrimentmakes chestnut get a good name "king of dry fruit".It can prevent and cure hypertension, coronary heart disease,arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis and so on disease. Also has a good name "healthy food". It's a good fruit for prolonging life

ginger China has the best climate for the cultivation of ginger. Weifang city of Shandong province is the main cultivating area. Ginger cultivated in Weifang is the best and famous all over the world as the place has the appropriate climateand fertile soil for ginger to be grown. Ginger is planted in April and harvested in October. Ginger needs good condition with certain temperature, humidity and ventilation all the time when packed and loaded to be kept well. Then the ginger can be kept for good quality for one or two years. We are very strict with collecting, storing and processing the ginger. We have formedour serious quality control system with many years of experience and also trained many professional processing workers in factory; they have enough experience to be sure of good quality.

onion Onion is one of the major vegetables widely distributed in China. The main planting areas are Shandong Province,GansuProvince, Inner Mongolia Municipality. And the planting area is becoming bigger and bigger. The onion has great nutritional value. Onion can kill the bacteria to make body keep off diseases, Onion can stimulate people in good appetite and are helpful for digesting foods, Onion contain the element of calcium that can make the bone more healthy .Onion also can low people's blood pressure, and blood fat, Onion is specially good for patient suffering from Sugar Diabetes & Asthma, Onion also contains the element of Selenium that can make people keep out of cancer.