Jinxiang garlic is famous all around for nine “China No.1”, that is, biggest planting area, highest production on each square kilometer, best quality, biggest gross production, and greatest exportation etc. The cultivation of Jinxiang garlic has a history of more than 2000 years. As early as in East Han Dynasty there is the record of cultivation of garlic. After very long time of nurturing development, the Jinxiang garlic has got the advantages of big bulk, fresh sap and thick taste, genuine spicy flavor, savory and brittle taste, loosen & mold & rotten & storage resistance. According to scientific research of the national departments Jinxiang garlic has high nutritional value including protein, Niacin, fat, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and more than 20 other kinds of nutrients, which are necessary to the human body needs. The garlic is said to be the best natural antibiotics in food and health food by experts. Its medicinal value has drawn national attention of the relevant scientific research departments. Jinxiang garlic can be eaten not only when they are raw but also when they are processed into small garlic pieces, garlic slice, garlic powder, garlic oil, garlic element and other products and widely used in food, beverage, household chemicals, cosmetics, health care medicine and other fields.