Citrus fruit, rich nutrition, colorful, good flavor and taste , can eat directly or processed into juice. they are very
popular with consumers.Grapefruit: grapefruit is nutrious, is set to prevent diseases and keep health and
beauty.the flesh is tender, juicy and tasty. Grapefruit and its juice is indispensable for breakfast in North
America, Europe and Japan.
Lemon: Lemon nutrition is rich, rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, can enhance the elasticity and toughness,
enhance human immunity and other effects, usually can drink hot lemon water to maintain the body.
Orange: Orange contains a lot of vitamin C and carotene, can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, but also
soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol and blood lipids.
Citrus: Citrus contains a lot of vitamins, organic acids, hypertension and obesity in patients with very good
Greenstream import a variety of citrus fruit from South Africa, Australia, the United States, Israel, Egypt and
other countries and build stalls in Guangzhou, Shanghai and other cities meet the needs of our customers.